Roundtable Discussion - Higher Education

Thursday, May 20, 2021, 12–2 pm


UUP will host a series of policy roundtables on Sustainability, Healthcare, and Higher Education as part of UUP's NY HEALS initiative.

The first session on Sustainability (scheduled on Earth Day 2021), will have participants including members, coalition partners, environmental experts, and legislators to participate in a discussion about the environmental challenges facing New York state (and the world).  During this discussion, UUP will share key proposals from our sustainability legislative agenda and panelists will offer innovative approaches that could make a big difference for all New Yorkers.

Below, please find the Policy Roundtable schedule and RSVP form. You can sign up to attend as many roundtables as you would like. Prior to the event, details on how to join and watch these discussions will be shared with all registrants. 

April 22, 12pm - Sustainability

May 6, 12pm - Healthcare

May 20, 12pm - Higher Education