HSC Chapter Elections

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The week of March 15th you will be receiving the UUP Buffalo HSC Chapter Election Ballots.

  • They are Due APRIL 26, 2021 via USPS.  Please get them in the mail by April 19th

  • Please read and follow the directions explicitly;
    • Blacken all the boxes for the candidates you choose on your ballot
    • Vote for officers and delegates of your choice
    • Do not sign the ballot
    • Place the ballot in the supplied inner envelope
    • Place the inner envelope into the return envelope
    • No postage is necessary on the outer envelope
  • Anyone is free to write-in  another name for any of the offices. 
  • Any member needing a replacement ballot should call 209-259-6740


  • Please read and follow the directions explicitly.