Contract Implementation Dates

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Across the board salary increases:  

o   2% - 7/1 or 9/1/22 (depending on obligation) 

o   3% - 7/1 or 9/1/23 (depending on obligation) 

o   3% - 7/1 or 9/1/24 (depending on obligation) 

o   3% - 7/1 or 9/1/25 (depending on obligation)  

The State has not yet announced the official pay date for implementation of these increases. However, we anticipate that the 2022 and 2023 increases will be paid in the 11/22/2023 paychecks.  Checks will include both retroactive cash and increases in base salary rates.   


On-base DSI distributions: 

o   0.5% pools for discretionary salary increases (DSI) in each year (12/23-12/26)

o   Effective 7/1 or 9/1 (depending on obligation), paid in December.   

o   The 2023 DSI is a $400 ATB on-base adjustment for full-time employees, pro-rated for part-time employees. 

The 2023 DSI will be paid in either the 12/6/2023 or 12/20/23 paycheck.  


Retention Awards: 

o   Builds on the existing eligibility criteria for the $500 Service Award for attaining tenure/permanent appointment, etc. (generally at or around 7 years) 

o   Increases existing 7 year award to $1,000 on base and expands eligibility to include qualified academic rank titles. – effective beginning July 1, 2024.

o   Second award of $800 on base for those who previously received the 7 year award at completion of 12 years of service – effective beginning July 1, 2025.  


Increase minimum salaries for academic rank and professional SL grades:  

o   Salary minimums for SL 1-3s and Instructor, Lecturer, and Asst. Professor ranks increase beginning in 2023 -- $2000 per year for calendar year obligations; $1,667 for academic year obligations. 

o   Individual employees will receive either the new minimum or an ATB increase (whichever generates a higher salary for them).

We understand that eligible employees should receive the 2022 and 2023 across the board percentage increases in the 11/22/2023 paycheck. Then, anyone whose new salary (as increased by the ATBs) is below the new minimum salary for rank should receive an additional adjustment to move them to the new minimum in the 12/6/23 paycheck.   


Per course salary minimums for part-time academic faculty:

o   Effective the semester beginning after July 1, 2022:

                             University Centers and Health Science Centers               $3,750

                             Comprehensive and Technology Colleges                        $3,250

o   Effective the semester beginning after July 1, 2023:

                              University Centers and Health Science Centers              $4,000

                              Comprehensive and Technology Colleges                       $3,500

o   Effective the semester beginning after July 1, 2024:

                               University Centers and Health Science Centers             $4,500

                               Comprehensive and Technology Colleges                      $4,000 

o   Effective the semester beginning after July 1, 2025: 

                               University Centers and Health Science Centers              $5,000

                               Comprehensive and Technology Colleges                       $4,500 

o   Effective the semester beginning after July 1, 2026:

                               University Centers and Health Science Centers              $6,000

                               Comprehensive and Technology Colleges                       $5,500 

Individual part-academics who are paid on a per-course basis will receive either the new per course minimum (per 3 credits or credit equivalents) or the applicable across the board percentage increase (whichever generates the higher salary for them).

We anticipate that the 2022 ATB increase (for members with per course rates about the current minimums) and the 2023 increase will be paid in the 11/22/2023 paycheck.


Lump Sum Bonus:

o   Employees on-payroll (or on authorized leave without pay) at the date of ratification through April 30, 2024 will earn a $3000 lump sum bonus, not added to base salary, pro-rated for part-time employees.  

o   Full-time employees will receive $1500 on July 1, 2024, and $1500 on July 1, 2025.  

o   Eligible employees who separate from service after April 30, 2024 will receive both payments.


On-call pay rates (primarily for hospital employees): 

o   Increasing from $6/hour to $8/hour upstate effective 7/1/23.

o   Increasing from $8/hour to $10/hour in NYC and on Long Island effective 7/1/23.

We anticipate that the increase in on-call pay will be paid in the 11/22/2023 paycheck.


Paid Parenting Leave: 

o   Up to 12 weeks of fully paid parenting leave (PPL), which can be used instead of or in addition to current leave benefits (leave accruals, PFL, FMLA, VRWS, etc.).  

o   PPL must be continuous and taken within 7 months of the child’s birth or placement in the home (adopted or foster child).   

o   Effective retroactive to April 11, 2023.


Sick Leave Accrual Cap: 

o   Sick leave accrual cap increases to 225 days effective beginning September 12, 2023.


Part-time academic accrual rates: 

o   Part-time academics, hired after July 1, 2024, will earn accruals on the following schedule:

§  3 credit hours/3 credit equivalents to ˂ 6                   1/4 day per month

§  6 credit hours/6 credit equivalents to ˂ 9                   1/2 day per month

§  9 credit hours/9 credit equivalents or more                1 day per month


Health Benefits:

o   Negotiated Empire Plan changes will be effective January 1, 2024.    

o   Information about those changes will be announced again in open enrollment materials this fall, prior to implementation. 


Progressively Longer Terms for Contingent Faculty: 

o   Part-time academics -- 1-year term appointments after 3 years of work; 

o   Full-time Lecturers, plus Clinical and Research titles at the non-HSC campuses -- 3-year term appointments after 7 years of work.

o   Effective 9/12/23 – Campuses that have already issued appointment letters for this semester should begin issuing amended letters to eligible employees to reflect longer terms.  


Joint Labor-Management Committee programs: 

o   Significant expansions in funding for JLMC Programs, including the Individual Development Awards, Drescher Leave, and CLEFR programs. 

o   Campuses have been notified of campus IDA allocations both for retro program (April 1 – June 30, 2023) and for current year program (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024).  

o   CLEFR (initial certification or licensure exam fee reimbursement) is running now. 

o   NEW CLRFR program (certification and licensure renewal fee reimbursement) should begin January 1, 2024. 


Space Available Program 

o   One course per session, with a maximum of four courses per year.  

o   Employees who have completed graduate coursework may enroll in up to three-credits of dissertation/thesis degree completion per semester.

o   Part-time employees who have completed four semesters and who are expected to return in the fall may take summer courses.

o   Effective beginning September 12, 2023 (employees who have already paid tuition this semester for degree-completion courses should request reimbursement).  


Professional Title Review: 

o   Created two positions in SUNY System Admin to conduct a comprehensive review of the SUNY professional title series.

o   Review will begin ASAP after the 2 new positions are filled. 


Other provisions without specific effective dates: 

o   Other changes that do not have specific effective dates in contract language are effective September 12, 2023. 

o   Examples include:

§  Art. 16 – expansion in types of data UUP receives from SUNY

§  Art. 7 and Art. 19 – various procedural changes to expedite the process 

§  Art. 23 – new limitations on medical documentation requirements 

§  Art. 31 – personnel file log requirement changes

§  Art. 33 – expansion of adverse tenure/permanent decision appeal rights 

§  Appendix A-28 – improved process for appealing unsatisfactory job evaluations and denials of salary increases for expanded duties and responsibilities

§  Appendix 45 – leave donation program improvements