Future Retiree Benefits

Friday, November 15, 2019

If you are currently not a chapter member or know one (members please pass this email to those in your department who may not be UUP Buffalo HSC Chapter members) and plan on retiring in the next 5 years and want UUP retiree benefits, https://uupinfo.org/benefits/ret.php, you need to sign a union card by November 25, 2019.  Cards can be obtained by contacting out chapter officer 829-2505 or emailing our Retiree chair Gail Willsky (gwillsky@buffalo.edu), our membership chair Debbie Mcduffie (dlm1@buffalo.edu), our chapter organizer Danielle Judge (djudge@uupmail.org) or myself Phil Glick (PGlick@uupmail.org).   For any questions the same individuals will be glad to help you. 


The amendment was meant to correct the ability of former agency fee payers and now just non -union members to have the equivalent of a "death bed conversion"..-joining UUP just as they retired so as to be eligible for Retiree Benefits.


A    future retiree must have been a member of UUP for at least 5 years prior to retirement, or at least for all the time they might have been employed ( less than 5 years).

There is one last window open to such Janus non-members....If they  join UUP (sign a card)  by this November 25 they will qualify to participate and be eligible to for retiree membership and benefits.