PPE and Cleaning Supplies

Thursday, December 3, 2020


Recently, it has come to the Chapter’s attention that members are still finding themselves unable to secure the supplies necessary to insure that they have a safe workspace.  The issues brought to our attention mainly deal with PPE and cleaning supplies.

 In late Spring /early Summer, utilizing the Chapter’s monthly Labor Management meetings, we were able to develop the following procedures and steps to take related to PPE and cleaning supply issues.  They are:

  1. If you need PPE and/or cleaning supplies, notify your immediate supervisor.  For documentation purposes, this notification should be done in writing. (ex. Email message)
  2. If your supervisor denies your request for supplies and/or does NOT respond in a reasonable amount of time – a few days – submit a written (ex. Email message) request to Joseph T. Raab, the Director of Environmental Safety & Health.  Mr. Raab’s email address is – jtraab@buffalo.edu
  3. If Mr. Raab denies your request and/or does NOT respond in a reasonable amount of time, please contact the Chapter.  Specifically, you can submit your issue to Nick Whitman, the Chapter’s Labor Relations Specialist.  Mr. Whitman’s email address is – nicholas.whitman@nysut.org  When submitting your issue to Mr. Whitman, please also provide him with the correspondence you had with your immediate supervisor and Mr. Raab.
  4. Upon receipt of your inquiry, Mr. Whitman will contact his counterpart – UB’s Director of Employee Relations - Chris Putrino.  Mr. Whitman and Mr. Putrino will work to resolve the issue and get you the needed supplies asap.

If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this message, please do not hesitate to contact your department representative or any of the Chapter Officers.



Philip L. Glick, MD, MBA, FACS, FAAP, FRCS (Eng.)
President of Buffalo HSC Chapter of UUP (2019-2021)
UUP Office: 716 829-2505 or buffalohsc@uupmail.org
Cell:  716 812-6629
E-mail: glicklab@buffalo.edu or pglick@uupmail.org